‘Adventures of Syl’

Syl doing what she does best (ignoring me in a photogenic manner)

Syl’s Instagram – initially set up to avoid spamming all my close friends and family with pictures of my dog – what can I say she’s photogenic!? But I’ve found it to be a far more enjoyable experience than I imagined!

There’s such a massive community of dog lovers on Instagram, amazingly talented photographers who are passionate about their dogs – and their art. People willing to share tips and offer help with anything from dog training to camera tips to general life. Social media can be such a tricky place, it can bring you down if you’re not careful, but being able to log on and look at photos of everyone’s gorgeous pups could never be a bad thing.

Flying fluffmonster

As we started the van-build and began to prepare for our trip I also began to use it for sharing the odd photo of our progress as well and it soon became an invaluable resource for gaining an insight into other builds and also gaining tips from experienced ‘Van-lifers’. Their amazing photos and adventures only served to make us even more excited for what was in store and now looking back it still seems incredible to me that we’re now doing the same thing!

Nowadays ‘Syl’s Instagram’ has become more about our travels as a whole (along with a name change), giving a bit of insight into our experiences and the places we’ve visited, photos of the van and even the odd one of myself and Alec too. Of course there’s still many, many photos of Syl (and now Gus) but it’s been so much fun connecting with all the different sorts of people that we’ve met on Instagram – some of them even in real life! Whether they’re interested in travel, living in a van or pictures of our pups!

Friends we met through Instagram – now friends in real life!