Watercolour of my beautiful Tilly

As you can see from the examples shown here I primarily work  in watercolour, though I really love to experiment and have been commissioned to create pieces in oils, coloured pencil, graphite pencil and ink in the past.

Mainly I’m requested to capture people’s pets in my work (as you can probably tell from my photos below!) however I am equally keen for any landscape commissions or whatever else may take your fancy – just ask!

Choosing the right photo for your painting or drawing can be difficult, so here’s a few pointers to get you started: 

When choosing your photo a high resolution one is best with tones as close to real-life as possible to ensure the accuracy of my work.

I have found that those taken outside with good lighting and reflections in the eyes work best but a professional camera photo isn’t necessary – camera phones can take brilliant pictures! But if outside isn’t possible a well-lit room can work too.

It’s always great if your photo can also show a bit of the character of your pet – different angles work well, maybe a photo taken from above as they look up at you or maybe down at their level as they nap on the floor.

Feel free to send me a few photos and we can pick the one that we’re both most happy with!


Sizes Watercolour

Coloured Pencil

4” x 4’’ £35.00 (£10 p&p) £55.00 (£10 p&p)
5” x 7” £50.00 (£10 p&p) £75.00 (£10 p&p)
9.5” x 12.5” £75.00 (£10 p&p) £100.00 (£10 p&p)
Cost per additional subject (not available in smallest size) £10 £25

Once all those decisions have been made a Paypal request will be sent to you in advance of any work starting- this will be at 50% of the total price and is non-refundable once work has commenced – I’ll keep you posted of when I begin!

The full amount will then be paid upon completion, and your piece will then be posted upon receiving this.

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to send me an email using the contact page on my website and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

A few more examples of my work are shown below – thanks you so much for looking and hopefully talk to you soon! ☺️